Many of the Dracula fans out there may have been wondering why I bothered creating Twitter accounts for Quincey Morris and Arthur Holwmood. Neither keeps a journal and they exchange one telegram (though Art receives a few). Truthfully, I just didn’t want to leave them out, since they’re main characters in their own right. But then I got to thinking, there’s an awful lot of empty space in the novel, days on end with nothing but a few short diary entries. The characters didn’t just go on vacation during that time. Stuff was happening. I was hesitant to entertain the idea of adding in extra scenes to fill the time, as it could easily confuse readers unfamiliar with the novel. But with Quincey and Arthur, who narrate none of the canonical work, I had the freedom to create an additional storyline, adding and commenting on the official one.
And so, the Questionable Adventures of Quince & Art was born.
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