Some of you may be wondering why last week I started RTing all the character tweets through @RealTimeDracula. No, it was not to clutter up your Twitter stream, but rather an attempt to get the dozens of @RealTimeDracula followers to follow the actual characters (since they’re the interesting ones).

Currently @RealTimeDracula has 60 more followers than @JHarkerEsq, who has the most of all the characters. That just didn’t seem right. Who would want to follow me talking about tweeting when they could follow Harker actually trying to escape the castle? I figured the problem lay in the Twitter page format*. It doesn’t let me list all the character links on the side, like I can on this page. So it would take an extra step for anyone viewing the @RealTimeDracula page to get to the characters. I thought the best way around that was a regular mentioning of them in my own Twitter stream. But I may have overdone it.

So, going forward there will be at most one "Update" tweet per day. It will start with "Update:" and end with #RTD. It will contain a summary of comment on the character tweets of the day, and of course have as many character handles as are appropriate.

Hopefully this will be less annoying for those awesome folk who are following all the accounts and useful for those new to RTD who first view the @RealTimeDracula account.

*The other problem is that I only promote RTD through @RealTimeDracula, as I think it would be grossly out of character to have Harker and co. start following people or sending them messages. That’s not to say they won’t respond if you initiate a conversation, but that’s a whole ‘nother story.