The novel’s pace is going to be picking up in the coming months and I just wanted to let people know that I am continuing to develop new ideas to expand the storytelling through the Twitter medium, especially the idea of conversations. Right now, other than a few breaking-the-fourth-wall tweets and the Szgany project, there isn’t really any conversation going on. Now, this may be because no one is interested in talking to fictional characters, but given how many questions @Wendell_Howe gets, I doubt this is the case.

I think, instead, that there is a lot of confusion about the nature of the characters and their place on Twitter. That said, I’m going to clarify some points.

1. Unlike @Wendell_Howe, the RTD characters are not actually on Twitter (it being 1887 and all). Their tweets are "translated" from their short diary entries and their @replies are really letters and telegrams (with a few exceptions). This translation basically involves turning names into handles. So if Mina refers to Lucy in her diary it will be written, sometimes, as @LucyHolmwood2b.

2. So when you @reply to a character, your message is translated back. To them it is a letter or telegram. Any reference to anachronistisms will either be ignored completely or treated as gibberish. It’s not an insult to you, it’s just how the characters would think.

3. This brings us to the primary rule of character conversation. If they are in a position to receive a letter or telegram from you then they can view your @reply.