This is long overdue, but I had to give myself a few months to cool down.

The writing, like Meyer’s, is bad, but not unpublishable. Dialogue was definitely the weakest point.
Grade: C+

The characters, as original creations, are nothing special, as resurrections of Bram Stoker’s characters they are a complete failure. There is nothing of the original personalities and mostly they are just made pathetic and disgusting.
Grade: D

The plot was fine as an independent book. Nothing blew me away.
Grade: C+

The vampire mythos was puzzling. The authors contradict the original novel for no particular reason, other than to make their story match Hollywood’s versions of Dracula, rather than Bram Stoker’s.
Grade: D-

As a sequel to Dracula it was an abomination. I really have no other words than that.
Grade: F-

Overall grade: D (C- as an independent book, F- as a sequel to Dracula)