I returned my Nook and am awaiting the release of the new one, which I’ll check out in-store.

The issues I’d been having include:

  • Difficult touchpad interface: When the touchscreen goes to “sleep” it is very unresponsive and requires half a dozen or more taps and swipes to wake it up. The touchscreen keyboard is very difficult to use, even though I have rather delicate fingers.
  • Since the new Nook is a full touchscreen hopefully this won’t be an issue.
  • Poor quality ebooks from B&N: One of the main reasons I splurged on an ereader is so I could read public domain ebooks at no charge. The versions Barnes & Noble offered were either poor quality scans or poorly digitized (with gibberish characters littered throughout the text). I ended up going to Google Books for most instead.
  • The formatting isn’t great on many of the free ebooks, but I’m OK with that if they’re free.
  • Unreliable storage: Books that I have downloaded have become unloaded or unreadable after a day or so. The first set up shelves I created disappeared. There seems to be no rhyme or reason to this and it’s incredibly frustrating.
  • I’m told this had to do with the initial downloads not working properly due to a bad wifi signal, which I think is entirely possible as I was having wifi issues at home when I first got the Nook.