Want to be part of the #DraculaBites action? You can! Here are some ground rules to interacting with the characters:

  1. Remember that the story is playing out in real time (in 1887). Don’t assume characters have knowledge of things to come.
  2. Don’t expect characters to have knowledge of each others’ tweets* even if they are @-mentioned. I’m generally only treating direct replies (or tweets starting .@) as letters/telegrams/direct interaction between characters.
  3. Most characters communicate via “letter or telegram,” (just use an @ as usual and save DMs for spoiler-related stuff) meaning there may be some delay in hearing back from them (or that I’m just really busy).
  4. Renfield, being insane, is able to converse freely on Twitter, break the fourth wall, and have knowledge of the 21st Century. Harker may also do this while suffering from brain fever, Seward while high, and Lucy while sleep-walking.
  5. Always maintain proper Web etiquette.
  6. I reserve the right to not reply to tweets for a variety of reasons. Sometimes it’s because it’s just too hard to stay in character. Try not to be offended.
*This year many of the character accounts are being run by worthy volunteers
Some tweeters have created accounts for other characters (such as Dracula himself, his brides, etc.) and interact with the “official” #DraculaBites characters . I usually allow this (unless it conflicts with the plot of the novel), but be aware that they aren’t under my (or any) “control.”
In case you need a refresher, these are the active #DraculaBites character accounts: