Please allow me a brief digression from Dracula & vampire literature for a moment (or scroll down to the end).

I am currently working on a first draft of my first real novel and I am hoping to have a draft done and enough progress on revisions that I will be ready to start querying come October. Since NY Comic Con is mid-October, I figured this would be a good opportunity to try to network and maybe create some buzz. Since I’m pretty new at this, I thought I’d reach out to you, dear readers, for some information, namely:

  1. Do you know of any literary agents (who deal with contemporary fantasy and the like) who will be attending?
  2. What is the appropriate way of finding and approaching agents and publishing professionals at a convention? I know I can find publishers at their booths, but since I’ll be querying to agents for the most part I’d like to be able to find them.

If you are coming and are interested in getting a DraculaBites bookmark for $1, let me know. I’ll be there on Sunday and I’ll tweet my location at various times if anyone wants to find me.