Curious about who’s pictures were used for the characters’ Twitter accounts, read on:

Possible relative of Charles N. Lyle

Geerhardus Vos

Jonathan Harker has been portrayed by several fine Victorian lads over the past three years. The most recent picture of an unnamed young man comes from the Lyle Family Photographic Collection of the Kentuckiana Digital Library (link straight to the picture). Harker’s previous picture was of a young Geerhardus Vos (an American theologian).



Voltairine de Cleyre

The amazing Mina Murray Harker has been wonderfully performed by Voltairine de Cleyre, an American anarchist writer and feminist. Somehow I feel this is appropriate.





Ellen Terry - "Sadness"

The flighty but beautiful Lucy Westenra could be portrayed by none other than the late Victorian actress Dame Ellen Terry in her younger years.





Dr. John Seward was played with serious contemplativeness by James Rennell Rodd, 1st Baron Rennell, a WWI British Diplomat.




William Barret Travis

Affabale Quincey P. Morris has gone threw numerous casting changes and was most recently played by William Barret Travis, who died at the battle of the Alamo.





The right honorable Arthur Holmwood, now Lord Godalming, had only a small speaking part in our production, but his moustache, provided by William Barton Northrup, a Canadian lawyer and politician, did most of the talking.



Krazy Ivan Kramskoi

For our wonderful RM Renfield, we had to travel outside the English-speaking world to Mother Russia to get the chilling stare of a madman. Ivan Nikolaevich Kramskoi, painter and intellectual, fit the bill.





Karol Oskar Arnoldson

The hardest casting choice by far was Abraham Van Helsing MD, DPh, DLitt, etc. Despite my strong desire to cast a bearded actor, I stuck with the novel’s description of a clean shaven man with a strong forehead. Only a great thespian could handle the part, so it was given to Karl Oskar Anoldson, a Swedish opera singer.