Initial Bio

Harker begins the novel as a recently promoted solicitor in the law firm of Peter Hawkins. He is sent as Hawkins’ representative to conduct the sale of property in England to Count Dracula. Prior to leaving England, Harker became engaged to Wilhelmina (Mina) Murray, a school teacher. The novel begins as Harker nears the end of his journey from Exeter to Transylvania.

Twitter personality

In the novel Harker is earnest and polite, also quite verbose. In this version, he is sarcastic and cynical, as well as brief.

Posts by Jonathan Harker (to be reposted in real-time from May through November).


Harker figures out something is up with the Count, who traps him in the Castle and heads off to England. Harker escapes, but suffers severe mental trauma (“brain fever” in the language of the day). (In the Twitter version this lets him see and communicate with ghosts.) He is reunited with Mina in Hungary where they marry. Shortly after their return to England they are contacted by Van Helsing and drawn into the hunt for Dracula.

In our continuation of the story, Harker is in possession of Dracula’s property after slaying him. He also thinks Mina is pregnant due to  her constant nausea and fatigue.

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