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Wilhelmina “Mina” Murray begins the novel as a school teacher engaged to Jonathan Harker. She is also friends with Lucy Westenra.

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Mina retains her intelligence and sensibility in this version, though now with a more acerbic and apathetic slant.

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Due to rampant Victorian sexism, the men don’t tell Mina much of what’s going on and the result is that she is unprepared for a series of nighttime attacks by Dracula. Thinking they are just bad dreams, she doesn’t become aware of the vampire’s predations until the Van Helsing and co. storm into her room one night to find Dracula force-feeding her his blood. As Van Helsing explains, this infects her with his curse, so that if she dies, she becomes a vampire too. The only cure is to kill Dracula first.

In our continuation of the story, Mina’s curse is not lifted and she remains infected with what Dr. Seward theorizes is a virus.

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