Initial Bio

R.M. Renfield (first name never given) begins the novel as a patient in Jack Seward’s asylum. He is “zoophagous” meaning he is obsessed with consuming life, starting with flies. His moods are tied to Dracula’s activities.

Twitter personality

Due to his psychosis, Renfield eventually breaks the fourth wall (and often his cell walls) to converse on Twitter. He is fully aware of the events of the novel and often of current (21st century) events.

Posts by Renfield.


Renfield eventually betrays Dracula (after inviting him in to the asylum) due to protective feelings for Mina. Dracula opens a pretty big can of whup-ass on him, but Renfield lives long enough to warn the heroes.

In our continuation of the story, Renfield has turned into a vampire, but not yet successfully returned from the grave. He’s still stuck in his coffin, tweeting away.

Notable Tweets