In brief: You may want to wait until the end of each day to read that day’s entry to get all the character commentary. Details:

May 3, 2012 will be the first day of an official Dracula excerpt.

Most of the novel entries (at least the first one of the day) will usually be posted at noon (12:00 GMT). Subsequent posts will go up throughout that day, usually evenly-spaced. Some tweets from last year have already been integrated into the blog posts.

Character commentary will be tweeted from noon to midnight. Tweets will usually contain an excerpt from the novel as well as a link to the relevant spot in the text. These tweets will not be automatically integrated into the post, but hopefully will be included by the end of each day.

Later in the day, a tweet will go out automatically for each entry that goes up. The tweet will usually come from the character whose writing it is and will include the first sentence and a link to the post.