Initial Bio

Proprietor of a lunatic asylum in Purfleet (next door to Dracula’s new property at Carfax), Seward is good friends with Holmwood and Morris, and one of Lucy’s suitors. His mentor is Abraham Van Helsing.

Twitter personality

Seward is highly introspective in the novel. On Twitter he’s angsty and emo.

Posts by Dr. Seward (to be reposted in real-time from May through November).


After his unrequited love, Lucy Westenra, succumbs to Dracula’s nightly visits, Seward becomes swept up in Van Helsing’s quest to the destroy the monster.

In our continuation of the story, Seward has begun to doubt Van Helsing’s purely mystical explanation for vampirism. Unfortunately, Seward has also succumbed to his opiate addiction and is currently in rehab.

Notable Tweets