This isn’t something I’m going to put a lot of work into, especially because someone else has already written one, but here are some notes on Fog, Steam, and Mist (working title).

              • Clockwork Castle: The room’s in Dracula’s home are constantly shifting. Harker is nearly crushed by enormous gears while trying to escape. The Castle “servants” are all of the wind-up variety. Castle is built on a huge natural steam vent.
              • Harker might build a hang-glider to escape the Castle.
              • The airship Demeter and submersible Czarina Catherine feature prominently.
              • Mina is a math and “computations” prodigy. Lucy’s still just Lucy.
              • Quincey is the inventor of the semiautomatic Winchester.
              • Van Helsing flies a gyropter between Amsterdam and England.
              • The following things will explode: At least 20 of Dracula’s fifty boxes of earth, Lucy, Carfax Abbey, Quincey’s robotic arm, Van Helsing’s gyropter en route to Transylvania, Dracula’s castle

That’s all so far. Feel free to contribute your own thoughts.