New to the Bite-Sized Dracula project? Here’s how to get caught up in a few easy steps:

  1. Finish reading Dracula. You will come across spoilers here and you’ll appreciate this more if you’ve read the book. If you aren’t finished yet, but want to be reminded about the project, just shoot an email to admin @ and let me know when you think you’ll be done.
  2. If it’s been a while since you’ve read the novel, get a quick recap here (plus a bit about what’s happened to the characters since the official story ended).
  3. On your left is the timeline for the 2014 “run” of Bite-Sized Dracula. You can read the whole thing here:
  4. Below that is a list of the BSD characters on Twitter. Follow some or all to include their tweets and retweets in your timeline. Since the story “ended” the characters don’t tweet much, but they are still getting on with their lives (and unlives) so follow if you want to get updates.
  5. Beneath the Twitter accounts is the option to subscribe to the blog.
  6. Peruse the rest of this site at your leisure. There is a lot of content tangential to the real-time blogging/tweeting that you might find interesting. You can also find additional media here.
  7. Provide feedback by leaving comments, tweeting @DraculaBites, or sending me an email at admin @