What: A week for celebrating and discussing all things Dracula.

When: October 31 (Hallowe’en) to November 6 (Dracula’s Death Day, Quincey Harker’s birthday)

Who: Draculaphiles

Where: Twitter and the blogosphere.

Why: Because there aren’t enough real discussions of Dracula. And because I’m looking for a new yearly tradition to replace doing DraculaBites.

How: A lot of hashtags and cross-linking.

Proposed Activities:

  • Reading Dracula-related books. Suggestions: DRACULA (obviously); historical books like In Search of Dracula, Elizabeth Miller’s book; Dracula-inspired novels like the Anno Dracula series or the Diaries of the Family Dracul trilogy. (I’ll be reading Johnny Alucard.)
  • Live-tweeting the books above with hashtag #DraculaWeek
  • Watching and mocking the new Dracula miniseries on NBC. (There’s a bingo/drinking game!)
  • Writing/engaging in online discussions. Have an interesting thought? Write a blog post and share the link on Twitter. Read an interesting post? Comment on it or write your own in reply.
  • Suggested topics: Thoughts on the main characters in Dracula (is Mina an exemplar of Victorian womanhood or a reluctant feminist or something else? Is Holmwood really evil? Should Mina ditch Harker for Seward?), analysis of interesting passages in the novel (e.g. “I too can love!”), reflections (pun!) on Dracula in film, etc.
  • Share a picture of your DracStack (a stack of Dracula-related books you own). Bonus points if you include a ruler (yardstick) so we can judge whose is the tallest.