Well, it’s been a fun ride. We’ve just wrapped up another annual retelling of Dracula, this time with some strange steampunk elements, and tried out a new annual tradition of Dracula Week, but I think it’s time to take a break and reevaluate the future of Bite-Sized Dracula. Life has gotten rather busy and rather than try to keep retweeting the same material next May, or trying to come up with the new material (which hasn’t worked out particularly well), I’m going to put the project on hiatus. I hesitate to say that this is the end, and for a very silly reason. Since the 2011 “performance” of Bite-Sized Dracula, I’ve been continuing premise of “real-time” for the characters. In 2012 (1888 for the characters) they revisited their journal entries while preparing for Quincey Harker’s birth and hunting Jack the Ripper. In 2013, they were temporarily “rebooted” back to an alternate 1887, but are now back in 1889.

The problem, you see, is that the novel doesn’t end on November 6, with Dracula’s death. It ends with addendum that takes place seven years later. So if we consider 2011 as our starting point (though this project actually started in 2009), then it won’t officially end until 2018. So I’m going to spend the next five years trying to think of something epic to do for that final year, before finally hanging up my fangs.

I may post the odd tweet (via DraculaBites or the characters) in the interim, just to show that their lives are still going on, so please don’t unfollow them.