New here?

Welcome to the Bite-Sized Dracula project, a modernized, semi-humorous take on Bram Stoker’s classic horror novel.

BSD encompasses multiple Web 2.0 media to tell the story of Dracula.

The major heroes of the novel each have their own account on Twitter and will be tweeting the events of the novel. These tweets will be paraphrased from the original, in order to condense and modernize the language. Additional commentary and non-canonical occurrences will also be included.

The actual text of the novel will be posted on this blog and linked to the character tweets.

Additional character profiles and information about this project can be found at

To support the Bite-Sized Dracula project, please consider purchasing an item from our Store or Cafe Press shop.

Bite-Sized Dracula was first  “performed” so to speak on Twitter from April to November 2009 and is returning in all its glory in 2011.

I first had the idea as a response to a Blog for a Beer prompt on Fantasy Friday, but didn’t think to do anything with it. Once I’d gotten more involved with Twitter I discovered that others had already started using Twitter for their own fictional characters. Originally the project was an attempt to garner some publicity so that when I was ready to query literary agents with my own novel I’d be able to show my abilities at promoting myself. Alas, the novel is nowhere near done, but I found Real-Time Dracula so engaging that it became a creative pursuit in and of itself.

5 thoughts on “New here?”

  1. It’s an exciting thing to do, running Dracula on its own calendar.

    I wonder about a format in 2010. We know blogging works. Is there anything else we should be doing?

  2. I’m going to be trying to integrate the original text blog posts with character tweets and some multimedia content on Facebook, which isn’t too original, but which will hopefully touch more people.

    Though now that you’ve gotten me thinking I begin to wonder what else is possible…
    Dracula: The Mobile App? (perhaps beyond the travel plans of the average reader)
    Dracuville: A Facebook game for Transylvanian Farmers (or Vampire Dairies)
    And (this may actually work):
    Collabula: A Real-Time Google Document Collaboration experiment where each section is posted on its corresponding day and fans are invited to comment, edit, enhance, illustrate, or just plain alter the text.

  3. booksellerbynight said:


    I’ll be playing along again, and have set up a Facebook page for The Blog Stoker’s DRACULA Project to mirror “blogdracula” at LiveJournal.

    I’m so looking forward to doing this with you all again, and will be cross-promoting you and Bryan to the hilt.

    —Patty Cryan
    Bookseller By Night, Really Tired Person By Day
    aka “Blog Stoker”

  4. All right, I’ll fire up this year’s Draculablog.

  5. Dracula and the characters are amazing .. good proyect my favorite character its @JackSewardMD


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